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Experts in all Phases of Exterior building restoration and roofing.

Roofing and Waterproofing

GENERAL MAINTENANCE offers a full range of roofing solutions to meet the specific needs of a property.

Along with its quality roofing services, GENERAL MAINTENANCE provides comprehensive waterproofing services. We address all aspects of waterproofing, from a building’s foundation to its façade, windows, and balconies. We identify and address the challenges faced by properties in our region where changing weather conditions can affect the integrity of a building.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE  has worked on properties in the five boros, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

GENERAL MAINTENANCE joins new construction projects at the design phase and works closely with a property’s consultants, engineers and owners. The advantage for developers and owners is that a single company is totally responsible for all aspects of waterproofing.


Our Services Include

  • Roofing
  • Waterproofing
  • Exterior restoration
  • Concrete restoration
  • Metal Panal Systems
  • Green Roofing
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Parking deck repair
  • Balcony repairs
  • Façade repairs
  • Traffic coatings

Competitively Priced Services

Are you interested in hiring us for your building restoration/maintenance needs? We will give you a price quote for our services. All our services are available at competitive prices.

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